K9 Paw Balm

K9 Paw Balm

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K9 paw balm is a deeply moisturizing and penetrating formula that keeps your dog's paw pads healthy and hydrated all year round. This balm can be applied to cracked noses, paw pads, and calloused elbows, too. Unscented with food grade ingredients – safe to lick!

Feel secure in knowing that we are a vegan and cruelty free company that has fur babies of our own! This is the only paw balm we have found safe and effective for our family dog Luna – a Belgian Malinois (a breed known for having sensitive skin). We formulated this when we couldn’t find an eco-friendly, vegan, and cruelty free alternative that worked for her needs.


Gently rub on paws, elbows or nose whenever your pup needs it.

K9 paw balm is unscented specifically for the sensitivity of animals. We have formulated the K9 paw balm to contain the best ingredients to ensure the health and safety of animals. However, if you have further concerns, we suggest speaking with a veterinarian. For topical use only.

This product was formulated for all dogs; however, since each individual animal will have different levels of sensitivity, we suggest testing the balm on a small area before wide-spread application. Please be cautious with any products on animals less than 12 weeks of age.

100% Cruelty Free: We are PETA Certified Vegan & Cruelty free. We do not, nor do any of our ingredient suppliers, test on animals. I used this balm on myself before I ever tried it on my dog, a 65 lb Belgian Malinois with sensitive skin.


We use only natural, food grade ingredients in our balms, which make them safe for pups to lick.

INGREDIENTS: shea butter, aloe vera gel

Size: Approximately 30ml

10% of all K9 product sales will be donated to the RedRover. RedRover helps animals rescued from disasters or neglect, domestic violence victims seeking safety with their pets, and animals with life-threatening illnesses.